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Kevin Nash edited

May 16, 2010

While looking over the edits of my upcoming book on the WWE Championship, I saw that the below excerpt regarding Kevin Nash was removed. I must admit that I agree with the editor to pull it; it really doesn’t have anything to do with the WWE Championship. I was simply trying to convey that Nash never let the money go to his head. Nevertheless, it’s been wisely removed from the book, but it’s here for your enjoyment:

Despite the influx of cash that goes along with being WWE Champion, Diesel has always lived surprisingly modest, minus briefly owning a gigantic home, which he later sold because he didn’t want to burden his wife with cleaning such a large house. He has since downgraded to an unassuming home on the ocean. Inside, he only displays a handful of memories from his career.

“I have a picture of me with my hands raised when I won the title. I have a picture of me, Hunter and Shawn from Hunter’s wedding party. There is a picture of me and Shawn in the locker room of the United Center when we were tag champs. There’s a picture of the Clique that a fan took in Berlin. And finally, there’s a picture of me, Vince, Chief Jay Strongbow and Shane sitting at a table in a lunchroom.”

You can pre-order the book here.


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  1. It seems they removed so much, im really enjoying all these “extras” its like deleted scenes for my fav dvd.. And for everyone who hasnt read
    The WWE Championship: A Look Back at the Rich History of the WWE Championship.. i hope u do so, as its very entertaining

    • Thanks for the kind words throughout this blog, jtothec1113 … people are going to start to think I paid you to say such nice things. Either that or we’re related.

      As for your Q about The Taskmaster, no, I never interviewed him. Although, I would be an interesting Q&A, I believe. For some reason, our careers never crossed paths.

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