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Big Show unedited

November 11, 2010

As many of you already know, space restrictions prevented me from including all of the interviews I did with the Superstars in my WWE Championship book (order now). Because of this, I’m publishing many of the quotes that weren’t used in the book right here. I hope you enjoy them. Here’s a few excerpts from my conversation with Big Show that were not used in the book:

Were you nervous entering WWE from WCW?
Big Show: Absolutely. When I came from WCW, I came from an organization where I was very well protected and I was very naïve. My first day as a WWE Superstar I was in New York at a toy convention. I saw my new merchandise, all the different products that WWE had and WCW never had. I took a tour of the headquarters in Stamford. Everyone in the office was not only an employee, but everyone was a fan. That was a big difference from WCW; you go to CNN and no one in the office knew who you were, let alone a fan. And then to come up and be a part of the locker room with guys who were so seasoned—not arrogantly seasoned, though. You know WCW had their guys who had worked hard before, but they were kind of in cruise control as far as their intensity level of putting on good shows and working hard to put out the best product. I got to WWE and it was a different level. Guys like Undertaker and Stone Cold went out and were tearing the joint down every night. There was a mater of pride with them. It wasn’t about the money or taking it easy, it was about putting on the best show possible.

One of the biggest differences was the level of competitive in the locker room. They were competitive and wanted to put on the best match and walk through the curtain and let everybody know, “hey, try to follow that if you can.” WCW was more of “let’s go out and have a good match, take care of me, brother; I’ll take care of you, brother …” That kind of stuff. It was different when I got up to WWE. You really had to have your stuff together. It was a shark tank. You really had to up your game and know what you were doing in the ring and be a solid contributor to the product or else you got left behind. It was very intimidating.

Did the WWE locker room welcome you right away?
Big Show: Yes and no. There were some guys that I knew there. But our locker room was very competitive. I was a young kid … A new star, so to speak. I was going to have to make a position for myself, they weren’t just going to welcome me in and give it to me. We were very competitive. We knew we had to work hard and knew that the person next to you was going to work just as hard, if not harder. When you’re new in a situation like that, you start at the bottom, basically. I didn’t have tenure. I didn’t put in horrible trips and food poisoning and pneumonia and all these different things that guys have worked through. In WCW, if you had a hangnail, you took two weeks off.

How did you celebrate your first WCW Championship win?
Big Show: When I won the WCW title the first time, I wore it through the airport because I was so damn green. Nobody told me that I didn’t have to let everybody know that there was a new champion, so I wore it in the airport like an idiot. Winning the WWE title was a very proud moment, but I was very insecure about it. I looked around at all the great Superstars at the time … I was like “my god, I don’t deserve this, I shouldn’t be carrying it.” I don’t know if every champion has that self doubt, but I did at the time. I knew there were guys in the locker room that were a lot better than me at a lot of things – media, promos … When I won the WWE title, the first thing I wanted to do was run home and hide in the house.

If you like what you’re reading here, you’ll love the WWE Championship book (I know, I’m biased). You can order your copy here. And for more unedited content, follow me on Twitter:

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