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The Sarge remembers the Monday Night Wars

April 6, 2011

While the recent 10-year anniversary of WWE’s purchase of WCW still fresh in my mind, I called a former colleague of mine to recollect the shocking days that lead up to the historic Nitro-Raw simulcast. The intent of the call was to simply reconnect with an old friend, but several hours later, we found ourselves knee deep in a Monday Night Wars history wrestling.

After hanging up the phone, I recalled some conversations I had with Superstars on the topic. Many were on the record (and once I find the transcripts, I will post them here), but unfortunately some were off the record, which means I can’t post them here. But one conversation I have handy is the one I had with Sgt. Slaughter. We recently spoke while I was researching the WWE Championship book (buy it here), and the topic happened to come up. Here’s a brief highlight:

Sgt. Slaughter on the Monday Night Wars:
“The Wars were so good for the business because it made everybody work harder to defeat each other. It was hard for a while because Vince McMahon really had to fight and we were all in the trenches with him. And all the money that Turner had … but Vince was the general of his post and Turner wasn’t. He never showed his face. Vince was in the battle field with us. Anyplace he went, I went.

The only problem was when they waived the white flag … we didn’t want to see the white flag. We wanted to see it keep going, it was good for business. And it was good for the talents from each company. When we used to run into each other in airports we would hug each other and high five and say good job. It was good for everybody.

I was asked to go to WCW several times, but I backed off and wanted to fight with Vince McMahon.”

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